Capstone reflection

  1. What did you learn from your research that you found while preparing your presentation? i learned that not much is being done that should be done like a person is only going to put in hard work if they want to do so people don’t really want to change it
  2. How well do you think you did on your presentation? (Reflect on the following questions) i did good but i could’ve did better i wasn’t speaking clearly and was just reading i let my nervousness get to me
  3. What are some presentation techniques that can you incorporate into your next presentation? look at the audience more
  4. What if anything, could you have done differently to change the outcome of your presentation? i would’ve made sure i wasn’t just reading and talked more like i knew what i was talking about gave more explanations
  5. Finish the following statements: i wish i would have finished on time if i could present my presentation again i wouldn’t just read from the screen now that i have reflected on my presentation i know what to do next time
  6. Go to ADD MEDIA and insert the LINK / FILE to your presentation. 


To the upcoming freshman and sophomores here is some advice that I would recommend you on taking.

  • take drivers ed your freshman year if not your sophomore year
  • do not ever get into trouble it will follow you
  • no get into fights
  • join clubs stay active
  • join foods class
  • never rent an id
  • stay on top of your school fees
  • stay on track never let your grades go down then try to get them up last minute
  • for sophomore going to juniors it time to get your act together and stay being serious
  • junior year and freshman year is your most important years
  • hang around the right crowd
  • do not be afraid to get help
  • always make a good first impression
  • do not let the leeway of being on your phone take advantage of you doing your work
  • Image result for staying on track
  • pay attention
  •  always do your work before you go hang out with your friends
  • buy an activity sticker so you wont have to pay for the games
  • if you lose your id buy another do not keep getting temporary id’s because they add up
  • beware of bullies
  • have fun
  • never change the way you are for a person
  • stay true to your self
  • beware of stress never let it get you depressed


Prescription Drugs

In the United States and New Zealand is the only two countries who advertise prescription drugs and it is legal. DTC prescription drug ads contend that the ads inform patients abut disease and possible treatments encourage people to buy medicine. Dtc drugs tries to promote drugs before its known that they are not helpful and can be unhealthy for you even if you thinking it helps you. In 1700’s and 1800’s drug compounds use to be advertise in newspapers instead of TV commercials. By the early 1900’s, patent medication ads accounted for nearly half of the total ad revenue for newspapers. Physicians wrote prescriptions for patients even if they knew it wasn’t helpful but mostly so the drug can be popular and even earn a lot of money.  In 1905 the AMA established the Council on Pharmacy and Chemistry that was responsible for setting standards and evaluating ethical drugs. The Council was created to encourage consumers to use drugs prepared and prescribed by physicians and to discourage the use and prescription of quack patent medications.  The importance of the Prescription drug idea is that some people be taking to many pills and its not even or even safe many people have die about this situation. I feel for this reason people should be able to enter rehap for free and shouldn’t be released until they are sure that they are safe and healed. the website and the resources explain this reasoning very well. After reading this are you still thinking about taking medications for your injures? Do you think this paragraph will help others out? Do you think this explains why it is not safe to take prescription drugs?


children without both parents

what is your social issue?

my soical issue is children are raised better with both parents

why is it such a social issue? what do you people disagree about in relation to this topic?

this is such an issue because kids usually are angry and upset without having there mom or dad in there life and it causes them to do bad things because they ave an missing piece in there heart. some people feel as if its okay for kids to get raised with one parent and some moms don’t let the dad into there child life because of something the dad do to the mother.

what is your proposed solution? why do you think this is the best solution?

i think this is an good solution’s because its alot of points on how its bad by getting raised with one parent some kids that are getting raised by one parent mostly girls are getting obsess and boy are mostly likely to become disrespectful to there parents

what are pros to your soultion?

some pros to my solution is well raised it gets them a sense of Independence

what are cons to your solution?

kids are hurting and are angry rude careless becoming unhealthy



The object I created was a heart I created this heart as a symbol of I am very cold heart and don’t trust a lot of people. Another reason why I chooses to make a heart because Im a very loving person. One of my classmates made an trophy because it represents her cheer trophy that they had won this weekend and now they are going to state. Then another classmate of mines made cookies because cookies her favorite desert and she likes chocolate. Another classmate from my class made a money sign ($). This girl made chicken Alfredo and it defiantly made me hungry she made it because it her favorite food.  He made an money sign because it defines him and he all about money and he believe if you don’t have money then you have nothing at all. My favorite classroom creation is a student who made a shoe because I love Jordan’s and does too and I thought that was very creative. Out of all these creations the one i never thought about is the tennis shoe the student made and he had shoe strings. This activity was related to writing because you had to create something and brainstorm and write something about it. Every creation meant something to somebody and so that’s why they designed it, because it was a way to define them self, and everyone likes writing about they self. They are many creative people in the world and my class room is definitely is very creative.

Social Issues

On the website isidewith there were many topics the topic I choose was abortions. In Illinois, there was a total of 200% of votes. 36% were pro-life 6% of pro-life allow abortions in cases of rape and incest of danger of  the mother or child but in Chicago it was 5%. Pro-choice in Illinois is 64% saying you should get birth control focus more on sex education and also more social services to reduce abortions. In Chicago the percentages change just a bit. Pro-life was 28% and pro choice was 72% some said they didn’t agree with the government because they have no right to ban abortions and other said ban after the first three months. The Republicans votes were different 68% was pro-life and 32% was pro-choice but on the other hand, the Democrats votes changed tremendously pro-life is 12% and pro-choice is 88%.  Whites and Blacks both voted there opinions on if women should have the rights to get abortions. Whites have a result that 42% of votes that agree with abortions and 58% of votes that don’t agree with the idea of abortion. Then on the other side, blacks results are 38%  are pro-life and 62% are pro-choice. Some people that don’t agree with abortions have there reasons as to women should be more careful instead of having to kill a baby because they opened they legs and others feel not all women are ready, need kids or were forced to have kids.