Prescription Drugs

In the United States and New Zealand is the only two countries who advertise prescription drugs and it is legal. DTC prescription drug ads contend that the ads inform patients abut disease and possible treatments encourage people to buy medicine. Dtc drugs tries to promote drugs before its known that they are not helpful and can be unhealthy for you even if you thinking it helps you. In 1700’s and 1800’s drug compounds use to be advertise in newspapers instead of TV commercials. By the early 1900’s, patent medication ads accounted for nearly half of the total ad revenue for newspapers. Physicians wrote prescriptions for patients even if they knew it wasn’t helpful but mostly so the drug can be popular and even earn a lot of money.  In 1905 the AMA established the Council on Pharmacy and Chemistry that was responsible for setting standards and evaluating ethical drugs. The Council was created to encourage consumers to use drugs prepared and prescribed by physicians and to discourage the use and prescription of quack patent medications.  The importance of the Prescription drug idea is that some people be taking to many pills and its not even or even safe many people have die about this situation. I feel for this reason people should be able to enter rehap for free and shouldn’t be released until they are sure that they are safe and healed. the website and the resources explain this reasoning very well. After reading this are you still thinking about taking medications for your injures? Do you think this paragraph will help others out? Do you think this explains why it is not safe to take prescription drugs?